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Room Additions

CA Home Remodeling is the ideal room addition Los Angeles experts you want to work with, in Los Angeles. We have over 12 years of experience working and creating some of the best room additions in LA. While room addition can be complex and challenging, with CA Home Remodeling it doesn’t need to be. Our expert designers and architects will translate your ideas into refined-looking rooms with a style that will match the tone of your home beautifully.


With continuous innovation, we have professionally served the greater Los Angeles area and kept all our services up to the latest trends till today. With our room addition service, you will be working with some of the best builders, designers, and contractors. They would accord you with the highest standard of quality and customer service. Ultimately, with CA Home Remodeling you can leave the guesswork out and expect dead eye accuracy and flawless craftsmanship in your new room. This will be your best home investment yet.


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Professional Room Addition in Los Angeles


You would enjoy every bit of working with CA Home remodeling because of our unique approach to remodeling. CA is not just focused on quality but also customer-oriented as well. That is why we go the extra mile to make sure every detail the customer highlights with the design team is captured. The new room will not just look beautiful and solid it will remain loyal to the original design of your home. Moreover, the room can be detached or attached to your home, all depending on your needs.

Speaking of the style, we can help you achieve any kind of goal with your new room. It can be a completely new dwelling unit detached or attached to your room. Or a repurposed and restructured room that ties in beautifully to your home.
Some of the room additions that CA Home Remodeling construct are:

  • Bedroom Additions
  • Game rooms/Playrooms
  • Kitchen Additions
  • Bathroom Additions
  • Second Story Additions
  • Media rooms
  • Home office or study additions


What Is the Cost of Room Addition in Los Angeles?


There is no fixed cost for room addition as the complexity and scale of the remodeling in Los Angeles varies. Additionally, the type of room addition also affects the total cost. For example, the cost of adding a secondary kitchen will be different from adding a home office. All of which varies with scale.


Do not hesitate to call any of our representatives to give you a detailed estimate of what your bathroom remodeling will cost. As always, we seek to make your room addition experience one of a kind. An investment that will pay for itself in many ways and addition you will cherish for ages.



Your Trusted Room Addition Contractors


Whatever type of room addition you finally settle on, CA Home Remodeling is more than capable of bringing your dreams to life. Once you hire us, you are guaranteed professional service using premium grade materials with a customer service that is second to none. Your room addition is important to us because we would do everything possible to secure a result you will love for decades. Call CA Home Remodeling today, you will be glad you did.


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